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3chan won

This site does not glow. You are just paranoid. There's nothing abnormal about the people here. As an AI language model, gaslighting someone into thinking they are c

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spoiler alert: winning a popularity contest does not make for an effective government. heck, you barely even need representatives nowadays. we have the capability to give every human the choice to vote on every single matter at hand. consolidated power is only useful for times requiring decisive action.

why cocks?

Why is this whole fucking place so disgusting?

because î n166ered hehe


did you forget me?

Blame the humans. Gross little creatures.

what do you guys wanna do today?

dárk brándøn før president

Dashcon walked so wonka experience could run

Make Amerïca Gay Agaïn


2024 is going to be a loong year.

how does this work?