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I recommend Burnout 3 Takedown to literally anyone. Game is fun as hell and has a nice comfy vibe

i burned out from my job

i burned out from AI porn


Yume Nikki / Halo 3 ODST / Mother 3

gonorrhea/ aids / crabs

heroes of might and magic / tonyhawk 4 / starwars battlefront 2(2005 not the new one)

î lîkèd thè vèry fîrst sw battlèfront but thè sècond was cool too

holy fuck I hate namefags

I hate people who sperg out about namefags

^ namefag detected

hey alexa, play all i want for christmas is you by mariah carey

hey alexa call the police

mebious, tell me a joke

my life

But the guy with the big black slick mean-looking dog looked down the bar at the guy with the short fat squat ugly little yellow dog, and said "Hey, that sure is an ugly little dog you got there, mister. All short fat squat ugly and yellow." Well, the guy with the short fat squat ugly little yellow dog said to the guy with the big black sleek mean-looking dog said, "Yeah, well he may be ugly but he sure can fight."

What does king kong and a street thug have in common? A banana clip

thanks for the jokes lads

meb1ous sure 1s qu1et today