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schizo godpostër pls comë back

yeah! it's morbin time!


no home in the moon either for the pious

here s a tip: i dont care about ZZZ genshin.

schïzo no lïfe smartass pls return to your ward, your doctor calls

runaway schizo stalkers yo

Your porpoise ends where my originality begins...

too late for "be carefuls" but maybe thats the mum's story anyway

plot twist: the moderate and fanatics are different side of the same coin, and it happens because

bec@use..... why @re you born sep@r@tely @nyw@y?

ïs thïs real? ï dønt need 4chan anymøre???

my plan was 170 but thatd be ten page per tïtle so...

wh@t is 4ch@n

hackers on stero1ds

the darke$t mo$t fùcked ùp corner of the internet. let$ jù$t $ay... dont go on there withoùt a vpn

4chan is cringe. It's not even that extreme. If you think 4chan is the worst place on the internet you probably haven't even been there. It's ust tryhards who want to be the cool edgy part of the internet.

"dont go there without a vpn" Do you even know what a vpn does?

oh oh oh I want a hèntai girl for mè to makè mè happy

and she woùld s1ng